1. 2013 Paul Bunyan Maze  with over 4 miles of paths cut into 12 acres of corn. Complete the challenge by finding all 12 checkpoints and enter a drawing for great prizes!

  2. FSI - Farm Scene Investigation. Farmer Joe is missing.
    There was an incident, and it appears to be foul play. Collect the evidence to find
    the weapon, the suspect, and the location where the crime took place.

         Every week in October the solution will change!

  1. FaRm TRacKs game for the youngest visitors. No decision
    points, .2 miles long, let the little ones lead the way to find the clues and solve the
    puzzle: "Who stole the pie?". Complete story/directions will be posted at the maze

  2. Adrian Fisher Rope Maze (survivor style) to challenge your friends for the
    quickest time. (see it on the photo page)

  3. STRAW JUMP - jump from the top into a soft pile of loose straw.

  4. Farm animal petting zoo includes pigs, goats, sheep, geese, calf and miniature

  5. Classic corn bag toss- great old fashioned farm fun!

  6. Farm Style obstacle course races -  includes over a round bale, thru a tractor tire, across a cargo net, and gunny sack race to the finish! 

  7. Milk the "cow"- any age can give this cow cutout a try!

  8. Picnic area to take a break between activities or sip a soda. Your welcome to
    bring your own lunch. Beverages and snacks also sold at the admission booth.

  9. STALKERS OF THE CORN Haunted Maze.

        For details click HERE.

  1. PuMpKin PiLe - pick out your perfect pumpkin from our pile of pre-picked
    pumpkins. We also have a variety of gourds!

        (available in October)





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